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17 juni 2012 15:34

Today, Jonas and I will spend the day with preparations for the upcoming week. There’s a lot to fix and plan and I’m very pleased with the fact that the internet connection at our (two-star) hotel is both fast and reliable (at least today :-) )

I’m reading through the latest news from the negotiations so far. The preparatory meetings were supposed to have a final document on the table, for further review, two days ago, but that deadline was missed. The draft text has been having its own life since January, when in contained 19 pages. In a couple of months it had swelled to 60 pages. The document (now 50 pages) was upon the start of Rio+20 full of alternate writings on controversial topic (written in brackets) and the process (standard procedure) the last week has been to discuss, debate and ultimate choose what writing that should be included in the final document. Only about 37% of the document is agreed upon up until today, which obviously is a disappointment. Brazil wants theft text signed off before Wednesday, when 130 heads of government and ministers will arrive.

From a Sweco perpective, the development has not been favorable so far as the formulations on boosting access to water and energy has been weakened (change of words – from “endorsed” to “noted”). As a result, many groups, such as the british Christian Aid, have called for stronger support on universal access to sustainable energy. However, emphasis have been put on eradicating poverty and there draft recognises the difference in responsibilitis between rich and poor nations. The right to food and sanitation is also strongly described in the text, but the language oon water is currently vaguer. From a business perspective, the writings on requirements for corporations to measure and report on the sustainability of their operations has previously been there but is now omitted. My reflection is somewhat ambivalent on that fact. I think this is wise, as the available system for sustainability reports is currently not adequate enough. For example, the available standards mostly focus on HOW you do your business, not WHAT kind of business you do.

More on the text later. If you want to read the draft text, it is available here. Bear in mind that this is not the latest version as that one has not been made public yet.

Jonas and I will end the day with going to a release party for Johan Rockström’s and Mattias Klum’s new book – The Human Quest. The Swedish Queen will be there (we seem to meet everywhere :-) ) to inaugurate a new photo exhibition by Mr Klum. If Prof. Rockström and Mr. Klum is up to their normal standards, the book will without doubt be important, informative and beautiful. Why don’t you buy it for your iPad, should you have one. A sustainable alternative, and not so expensive (75 SEK).

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